Add shape and colour to your garden with evergreen laurel and leylandii hedging from Meadowview Nurseries

Established in 1992, Cheshire based Meadowview Nurseries can assist you with finding the perfect hedging for your garden.

We specialise in hedging and grow the majority of our own stock, allowing us to ensure consistency and quality across our range. All stock is pot grown reducing the risk of potential failure which can occur with bare rooted trees.

We recycle all our pots, in line with our commitment to providing an environmentally sound service and all peat is sourced from sustainable, ethically viable areas’ ensuring you get hedging of a good standard.  

We specialise in a variety of hedging, including:

  • Laurel
  • Leylandii
  • Privet hedging
  • Beech
  • Photinia (Red Robin subject to availability)
  • Hawthorn  (subject to availability)  
Laurel hedging

Easy to maintain, requiring very little pruning and watering, Laurels can make magnificent impact on your garden and home. Their annual growth is 12-15 inches. Laurel is the perfect choice for low maintenance shading, natural privacy, good protection from the elements.

Leylandii hedging

Needs to be planted, fed and watered well to grow to its potential of 3ft a year. To establish a dense screen, plant 2 - 3 feet away from one another and trim your leylandii to encourage the shoots of your hedge to branch out.

What we offer you:

  • Free delivery (with a minimum order 10 plants)
  • Friendly, expert advice
  • No VAT payable
  • Discounts on quantity buying
  • Landscapers and Trade welcome
  • Varied range of hedging sizes
  • Most budgets catered for
  • Competitive prices
  • Ample car parking
  • Open 7 days a week  

    For more information about our services, telephone us now:
    0151 336 4423

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